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Alisha began playing the piano by ear at age 4 and started singing in public at age 9. Her ability to play multiple different instruments, including the piano, guitar, bass, banjo, and saxophone, allows her to write songs with ease and go into the studio knowing exactly what she wants to hear.

"Alisha Peru may have been the most talented [young artist her age] to walk through the doors of Allusion Studios..." says Producer and Sound Engineer, Jim Pavett. "Her attitude and ease to work with in the studio shines through in the recordings; her performance is a flawless blend of modern rock peppered with melodic pop sensibilities." 
In 2010, Alisha released her first CD, 'Searching in the Darkness' and in 2013, recorded and released the E.P. 'The Final Exodus' - both of which were written and produce by her.  When performing live, her all-out vocals and heartfelt piano playing are her strong suit. "Passion and soul," quotes the singer-songwriter. 
"I put every ounce of energy I have into every song I play. If you can't make your audience feel something, why play for them at all?" 
In 2014, The Recording Academy placed Alisha Peru on the Official Ballot for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Peru
 has graced iconic stages such as The Rialto and Club Congress, was a finalist in the Arizona Daily Star Battle of the Bands, has been featured on KGUN9's show, "The Morning Blend,"
 and has performed with her band on AccessTucson Television. She has performed as both a solo artist and with a band - spanning genres from an acoustic "Sara Bareilles" type feel, to jazz, all the way to alternative rock.


Music is a language of its own that each and every individual can understand. It brings people together. If I can truly touch even just one person with my music, I'll know that I have done something beautiful with my life.”    Alisha Peru

Jazz extraordinare Tamir Hendelman gave us the challenge of writing an original song in the car and performing it only a short while later. We accepted. :-)

"We've run through this once, and that was not including this interesting chair percussion that will be a part of this song. So you guys literally get to hear this for the first time at the same time that we are hearing it for the first time. Really, really unique."